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Information Advice and Guidance strategy

In October 2009 the Government launched a new strategy to make careers education and Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) more relevant to the 21st century.  The Information Advice and Guidance strategy aims to make careers education more accessible for young people and ensure  each one of them, whatever their background, can make the right education and training choices so they have the best possible chance of succeeding.



The Nital aim is to…

·         Ensure that all young people know about the different learning routes and qualifications available to them

·         Ensure employers are better informed about the different options available, so they can help their learners to make the right decisions

·         Positively respond to the changing local jobs market

·         Support progression from unemployment into employment and from apprenticeship completion to higher education where possible



What you can expect from Nital…

ü  Excellent, personalised and impartial careers information, advice and guidance

ü  Online IAG resources, accessible 24/7 with links into one-to-one advice

ü  Lots of opportunities for young people to get a feel for different courses and careers, through taster sessions and high quality workplaces

ü  Opportunities to build a relationship with a respected adult through mentoring or shadowing

ü  Access to specialist local help for vulnerable young people and those with additional needs



Nital staff role…

The IAG strategy reflects the fact that it’s not just school careers advisers who have the potential to shape young people’s views and influence the education and career decisions that affect their future.  Young people are likely to turn first for advice to the staff they know best. Therefore IAG is a cumulative, active process involving a number of different Nital staff and advisers, rather than merely a single event involving a careers specialist. Nital staff will constantly update their personal CPD to ensure that current professional advice can be administered.



Nital will provide…

v  A programme of impartial careers education to all regardless of age or ability

v  Where necessary, signpost learners to services relevant to their needs

v  Agree strategies with schools and other stakeholders to deliver IAG effectively



IAG Support Resources:

Apprenticeships: Resources for teachers and advisers.


National Careers Service.


Careers guidance provision for young people in schools.



IAG Strategy/September 2017/V1