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Team Leading

Team Leading

This is a 12 month programme and all elements must be completed in order to achieve the Team Leading Apprenticeship.

Team leading is important for a business because it gives supervisors and team leaders the tools they need to perform their job effectively and efficiently.

Listed below are some of the areas covered within this framework:

  • Recognising occupational competence in Team Leading
  • Proving competency in their job role by applying knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Managing personal development
  • Developing working relationships with colleagues
  • Communicating information and knowledge
  • Developing a team
  • Planning, allocating and monitoring the work of a team

Functional skills are transferable skills which are valued by employers and which give individuals the necessary skills required in the workplace. They provide a base from which an individual can develop other employability skills. Functional skills are tools that enable people to:

  • Apply their knowledge and understanding in everyday life
  • Engage competently and confidently with others
  • Solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations

The knowledge based certificate provides individuals with the underpinning knowledge required to carry out their role effectively. It contains information on:

  • Key principles of Team Leading
  • Gaining results from you Team
  • Principles of decisions making

Knowledge is confirmed through completion of an online assessment.

Job Roles:

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship
First Line Managers
Team/Section Leaders
Floor Managers
Helpdesk Managers
Trainee Supervisors