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Improving Operational Performance

Improving Operational Performance


This is a 9 month programme and all elements must be completed in order to achieve an Apprenticeship in Improving Operational Performance.

The apprenticeship is designed for people who are working in a manufacturing environment and this can apply to a variety of disciplines, including, Manufacturing Process Operators, Maintenance Operators, Production Inspectors and Assembly Operators.


Listed below are some of the areas that could be covered as part of this framework:

  • Health, safety and security in the workplace
  • Transferring materials
  • Preparing for manufacturing operations
  • Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements
  • Analysing the results of inspection and confirming quality of production

Functional skills are transferable skills which are valued by employers and which give individuals the necessary skills required in the workplace. They provide a base from which an individual can develop other employability skills. Functional skills are tools that enable people to:

  • Apply their knowledge and understanding in everyday life
  • Engage competently and confidently with others
  • Solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations

The knowledge based certificate provides individuals with the underpinning knowledge required to carry out their role effectively. It contains information on:

  • Understanding Health and Safety in an industrial environment
  • Understanding working relationships in an industrial environment

Knowledge is confirmed through completion of an on-line assessment.

Employment rights and responsibilities workbook provides individuals with information about their organisation such as:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Data Protection
  • General sources of information and advice

This qualification is not available at Level 3.