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Engineering – Maintenance & Manufacturing

Engineering – Maintenance & Manufacturing


Engineers design and build the things that make our world go round. Everything, from aeroplanes to buildings, comes back to engineering. This hugely diverse field can be divided into seven sub-categories: aerospace, automotive, metals, electrical equipment, electronics, marine maintenance, and mechanical engineering. This Apprenticeship covers a range of job roles in these sub-sectors.

On this Apprenticeship, the sort of work you’ll be doing will depend on your employer. Generally, engineering apprentices will learn to take on an operator role in a certain area of engineering. This could involve anything from assembling car engines to installing telecommunications systems. Most duties will involve the maintenance of equipment and machinery.


Through the Advanced Apprenticeship you can become either a skilled craftsperson (skilled in practical trades, like fitting or machining) or a technician (involved in technical matters and problem-solving).

Working in this field requires a good head for figures and IT literacy. You’ll need good written and verbal communication skills; and you’ll have to be a team player.Both Apprenticeships begin by learning about work safety, how to communicate technical information, and identifying engineering equipment.

Job Roles:

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship
CAD operator
CNC cutter
Aero engine fitter/tester’s mate
CNC Fabrication operator
CNC operator
Vehicle body repair technician

Advanced Level Apprenticeship
Manufacturing maintenance engineer
Maintenance controller
Specialist vehicle maintenance engineer
Facilities manager
Telecommunications maintenance / service engineer
Electronics Systems maintenance engineer