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Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)

Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)


This is a 12 month programme and all elements must be completed in order to achieve an Apprenticeship in Improving Operational Performance (BIT).

The Apprenticeship is designed for people who are working in a manufacturing environment and this can apply to a variety of disciplines. It includes:


      • Health, safety and security in the workplace
      • 5S & workplace organisation
      • Visual management & team working
      • Kaizen
      • Problem solving
      • Data collection & analysis
      • 3 improvement projects

Functional skills are transferable skills which are valued by employers and which give individuals the necessary skills required in the workplace. They provide a base from which an individual can develop other employability skills. Functional Skills are tools that enable people to:

      • Apply their knowledge and understanding in everyday life
      • Engage competently and confidently with others
      • Solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations

The knowledge based certificate provides individuals with the underpinning knowledge required to carry out their role effectively. It contains information on:

      • Principles of Continuous Improvement
      • Applying the improvement process to standard operating procedures.

Knowledge is confirmed through completion of an online test.

Employment Right & Responsibilities workbook provides individuals with information about their organisation such as:

    • Contracts of employment
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Data Protection
    • General Sources of Information & Advice