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Myth Busting!

Myth 1: “Apprenticeships are only available in trade jobs like plumbing and construction”

Wrong. Apprenticeships are available in lots of industries and roles, at various levels!  There are lots of career paths to choose from when you choose to do an Apprenticeship.

Myth 2: “I won’t be able to earn as much as graduates”

This isn’t true! To start off, you’ll be earning a regular weekly wage AND not running up huge student loans, which is extra money in your pocket already!

All of our apprentices go on to secure full time positions once they’ve completed their Apprenticeship, so if you’re willing to work hard, you can start progressing your career (and your wage!) quickly.

Myth 3: “You’re only there to make tea and coffee”

From day one you’ll be given real work experience, your own projects, and receiving a high standard of training from industry professionals. You’ll be working alongside other staff members who will value your opinion!

Myth 4: “Apprenticeships are for people who fail their A-Levels”

Wrong! This is one of the biggest mix-ups about Apprenticeships. They’re open to everyone, from GCSE to degree-level, the minimum requirements are that you must have 5 GCSE’s, but the opportunities are endless!

More and more, employers are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and bright individuals looking to progress their career and work their way up in their business. Apprenticeships are the perfect way to kick start your career!

Myth 5: “University is the only way to get a good career”

Wrong again! Apprenticeships are available at many levels, right up to degree level and the qualifications and experience you’ll get are really valued by employers.

Some employers like things doing in a certain way and they see Apprenticeships as an opportunity to train and nurture staff in their way of doing things. With lots of hard work in a job you’re passionate about, you can climb that career ladder much quicker with an Apprenticeship!

What university doesn’t offer is real life work experience and this is what employers are looking for in today’s competitive job market.

Myth 6: “Apprentices miss out on the perks of being a student”

In many ways, apprentices have a better life than students! You’ll be earning while you’re learning, so you’ll have cash, and not running up big debts. You won’t have tons of coursework, weeks of exams or hours in the classroom.

What’s more, you can apply for the NUS Apprentice extra card and access the same great benefits as if you’d gone to further education, including discounts on shopping, travel and nights out.