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What’s the best process for recruiting an apprentice?

Choosing the best candidate for your organisation can be a tricky business and is fraught with danger. Don’t be too perturbed, there are a number of solutions that can maximise your chances for success:

  • Work with Nital to advertise the vacancy nationally
  • We will identify suitable candidates from our current learner database and applications for the role
  • We will then create a shortlist initially assessing and interviewing the learners and feeding back the results
  • All candidates that meet the required criteria will be put forward to you for interview
  • If required Nital can co-ordinate the candidate interviews to suit your schedule

How much should we pay them?

There is a National minimum wage for apprentices’ which is dependent on their age. Click on the URL to see the latest government guidelines – However, we recommend that you pay the normal National minimum wage as this will encourage the apprentice to remain with your organisation.

Can you write a bespoke training programme?

Yes. Our training programmes are fully flexible and we tailor them around each individual business to meet specific needs.

Will the programme need day/block release away from company?

Not all apprenticeship routes have a compulsory requirement for the apprentice to attend day/block release. Alternatively, some may have already completed suitable programme elements prior to starting their apprenticeship. We will be able to advise on an individual basis.

Will Nital arrange any required day/block release?

Yes, if the programme requires day/block release away from the employer this will be managed and coordinated by Nital. 

How is the progress of my apprentice monitored?

At the start of the apprenticeship you will be allocated an assessor who will help to agree an Individual Learning Plan. The candidate will be assessed every 4-6 weeks and reviewed every 12 weeks throughout the programme. The employer will be actively involved in the feedback process and a plan of action will be agreed for each 4-6 week period.

How are the apprentices assessed?

The 4-6 weekly assessments will be conducted by a fully qualified adviser/assessor and will include:

  • Observations
  • Questioning
  • Employer Appraisals
  • Compiling work-based evidence
  • Written recording of tasks
  • Witness Statements
  • Photos/Videos in work situations

This list is not exhaustive and many other methods may be used  to ensure continued progress towards the desired outcome. Assessments will be structured in conjunction with the 4-6 weekly action plans. Apprentices will be encouraged to stretch their capabilities by having challenging targets set.

How do I manage my apprentice?

As the apprentice is your employee, they will come under your own company policies and procedures. To aid this process, you will receive regular feedback from the Nital assessor who will identify how they are progressing with all aspects of their training plan, including day/block release if applicable. This will ensure that you are able to make informed decisions when managing your apprentice.

How many hours can apprentices work?

The maximum weekly hours that an apprentice can work differs depending on age. For current government information see – Maximum weekly hours.

There are also requirements regarding minimum weekly hours and holiday entitlement, for more details see – Pay and holidays.

I’m not happy with my current training provider, what can I do?

Call Nital for a confidential conversation. You will be advised both professionally and impartially without cost or obligation.