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How to write a covering letter

Here are some good examples of cover letters for different purposes:

We have also put together a few guidelines for when you are typing a covering letter:

1) Your home address should be to the right top of the page.

2) The address you are writing to should be slightly lower to the left of the page.

3) You should put the date of the letter under your address and postcode.

4) If you know the name of the person you are writing to then put ‘Dear Mr/Mrs’, if you do not know the name put ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.

5) Then put in the job / occupation you are applying for in bold and underlined and job reference number if there is one.

6) Give your reasons for why you are applying for the job. Show you are keen for the job.

7) Give a brief summary of your experience and qualifications and how they match the job vacancy

8) Although you may have these points in your CV, put one or two sentences showing enthusiasm and interest in the job. Show you are interested.

9) Finish the letter by saying that you are enclosing an up to date CV and put that you looking forward to hearing from them in the near future.

10) If you have used Dear Sir / Madam at the start of the letter then complete the letter with Yours faithfully.  If Dear Mr/Mrs then complete the letter with Yours sincerely.

Other points to consider:

  • Use a modern clear font like Arial – do not use a font that is difficult to read
  • Use white paper – It looks more clean and professional
  • Make sure you spell check your work – You don’t want to have any silly spelling mistakes.
  • If possible, have someone proof read your Cover Letter – This means that they could pick up on mistakes you haven’t noticed.