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FAQs and Guidance


How do I apply for an apprenticeship on the website?

You can search the ‘Apprenticeship Vacancies’ page for a suitable opportunity, then all you have to do is fill in the quick on-line application form and submit your details to us.

What if there are no job opportunities for me straight away?

If you can’t find any suitable opportunities currently on the website, register your details with us and our Recruitment Officer will contact you.

What if my application is not successful?

If you do not get the job you apply for we will still put you forward for similar jobs in and around the same location. (Provided you checked the box stating ‘Tick here if you would like to be put forward for other vacancies in this area’)

What level of pay and holidays am I entitled to as an apprentice?

For details on apprentice wage rights and holiday entitlement check out the information on Pay and Holidays.

Will I need day/block release?

Speak to your Nital Training Advisor/Assessor who will inform you if your programme requires day/block release as some programmes can be fully delivered in company.

When do I start day/block release?

Traditionally all day/block release starts in September of that year. On some programmes the apprentice will be required to undertake an assessment prior to being accepted onto the technical certificate. This will be arranged via Nital. The start date of day/block release does NOT mean the start of your apprenticeship; this can be at any point during the year. Enrolment will be managed by Nital and the apprentice will informed where and when to attend.

I am struggling with my programme, how can I get help?

Contact your Nital Training Advisor/Assessor who will arrange a meeting with yourself and any relevant persons. A support plan will be agreed to help you get back on track.

I have lost my evidence, what should I do?

Contact the Nital Training Manager or your Training Advisor/Assessor to discuss the issue.

I am at risk of redundancy, what should I do?

Contact your Training Advisor/Assessor immediately, there are various support measures that could be beneficial to you.

How do I reference evidence in my portfolio?

Don’t worry! Discuss your concerns with your Training Advisor/Assessor who will spend additional time to help you understand.

I am about to finish my Intermediate Apprenticeship. What's next?

Progression to an Advanced Apprenticeship may be recommended.  Discuss it with your Training Advisor/Assessor who will arrange a meeting with your employer to identify the options.

I am about to finish my Advanced Apprenticeship. What's next?

Possibly Higher Education. Your Training Advisor/Assessor will be happy to arrange a meeting with you and your employer to discuss your options.

I have an issue with my training, what should I do?

Contact David Jackson, NITAL’s Training Manager for a confidential discussion.

Apprenticeships are a very good way for an individual to earn whilst they learn. Apprenticeships can normally take between 1 to 4 years and they cover over 1,500 job roles.

If Parents have any questions about Apprenticeships they can find the answers here