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For the last consultation on apprenticeships app4england went out to its members and had a response of just under 800 replies, BIS only counted this has as 1 reply. A member of the group went out to 500+ businesses but this only got counted as 1 reply, AELP had 300 reponses which also only got counted as 1. BIS made its decisions based on a few hundred individual business replies. This was not made clear before the consultation and completely ignores the views and opinions of 100s of  businesses.

Apprenticeships 4 England would urge all members of Apprenticeships 4 England (20k) MPs, stakeholders and employers of the group to impress upon the Government that it should give employers the choice of having either a direct government contract or accessing funding support through their chosen training provider

The members of this group work with businesses everyday of the week, you all understand how businesses work and what the outcome would be.  A lot of time and effort was made to get responses from businesses for the funding reform but we were not listened to so please just tweet and use the hash tag it takes a few seconds and could be the start of making our voices heard as I really believe if we go down the path of no choice we will see the decline of apprenticeships.

Dear Members, I would ask you all if you agree to tweet and use all social media to get this message across by using @matthancockmp @shanermann #giveusachoice Lindsay McCurdy

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